NOTE! Cancellation of driving lessons must be done before twelve o'clock (12:00) the weekday before the driving lesson. Can not be canceled by email or voicemail. *Intensive Education Intensive education is planned so that the following driving tests Skid track education (part 2), the theoretical test and practical final exam are booked in advance.  Would you rather have a more personal adapted education talk to your driving instructor or someone at the office. Note! All package must be paid in advance. It is the student's responsibility to keep notes of how many driving lessons that have been used and how many are left on the package that is purchased. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Prices are subject to change. The validity of the theory and the package prices is 6 months. We comply with STR's rules. If you choose to stop a package the discount will deducted and 10% in administrative costs.
Services/Packages (Contents) Prices: Theory package (books and tutorials on a computer)  1 300SEK Books (books in English)     600SEK Risk part 1 (risk education part 1, more info)     500SEK Driving lesson (40min, one lesson)     400SEK Driving lesson (80min, double lesson)     780SEK Skid track (risk education part 2, more info)  2 000SEK Car for driving test (loan of car for final driving exam at Vägverket)     600SEK Instructor course (student + instructor)  200SEK/pers  Taxi books (theory books for Taxi)     800SEK Theory Tests at a distance (20pcs internet courses)     300SEK Intensive education* - 30pcs Driving Lessons - Risk education Part 1 - Skid track education Part 2 - Theory (computer) Start package with theory package Package 1 (10 Driving Lessons + theory comp. + theory books)   4 900SEK Package 2 (20 Driving Lessons + theory comp. + theory books)   7 900SEK Package 3 (30 Driving Lessons + theory comp. + theory books) 10 800SEK Start package without theory package Package 1 (10 Driving Lessons)   3 600SEK Package 2 (20 Driving Lessons)   6 900SEK Package 3 (30 Driving Lessons)   9 900SEK Supplementation Package Package 1 (10 Driving Lessons + theory comp. + Skid track)   6 500SEK Package 2 (20 Driving Lessons + theory comp. + Skid track)   8 900SEK
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Prices                     Print out Prices Below are various driving packages where you can choose what suits you best. You also have the ability to select individual lessons. Do you want to drive with your own instructor, we also offer this option. Basic prices